From keynote speeches to small workshops, presentations by InnerActive consultants are sure to entertain and inspire while simultaneously teaching practical techniques for getting to the next level.

Voss Graham is a certified instructor and past president of the Tennessee chapter of the National Speakers Association. He has addressed hundreds of groups of all sizes across the nation. His specialties are boosting sales, improving sales leadership, and organizational development.

Robin Graham is a certified instructor and personal coach who has presented to audiences around the world, ranging from small groups to large conferences. Her specialty is freeing people from internal barriers to success, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Each of the presentations below can be adapted to your organization's particular needs. When they are delivered as part of a consulting program, they are always revised to focus on the specific issues uncovered in the process.

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Boosting Sales

The Three Games of Selling

This presentation compares selling to the real-life strategies and tactics used by today's top collegiate football teams. Helps develop business-to-business selling skills and awareness using analogies of football for effective learning & motivation.

The Power of InnerActive Selling

The essence for building the best practices for business-to-business sales teams. Demonstrates the importance of effective communication and how to combine strategy with tactics to improve sales results.

Hiring Sales Winners

Learn a sure-fire method for hiring high performing sales people on a consistent basis. Designed for large sales organizations, associations of entrepreneurs, business owners, general managers with sales responsibilities, and regional/branch manager groups who need to significantly improve the hiring process. (This presentation can be adapted to general hiring processes.)

Developing Your People

It's All about Y.O.U.

Learn the critical success factors that will help you and your people engage the energy, seize the opportunities, and develop the understanding necessary for getting to the next level.

Toxic Beliefs are Hazardous to Your Success

Self-doubt, fear, and stress can undermine your journey to success. Discover how you can effectively establish supportive beliefs for long-lasting results.

Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

Knowing what, why, and how to do something is no guarantee for success. Explore how to bridge the gap between Knowing and Doing with this cutting-edge session on the impact our beliefs have on our accomplishments or lack of!

Personal Kaizen

Continuous improvement (kaizen) is the hallmark of successful organizations in today's competitive markets. The most effective people are the ones who take charge of their own personal continuous development. Learn the techniques for improving overall performance, being accountable for results, and communicating effectively with everyone.

Developing Your Organization

The 7 Pillars for Effective Teamwork

Discover the seven core elements that contribute to the effectiveness of all high performing teams. Learn how to apply this information to your team - now!

Managing Difficult People

Examine the factors that create difficult situations, and how they can be avoided or overcome. Learn about the basic truths for improving relationships and performance levels. Learn how to get the most out of individuals with high technical performance and very poor people performance.

The Race is On!

Discover the new priorities in a fast-paced and highly competitive world. Determine the personal and organizational strategies necessary for success.

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