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======>  PSYCH-K® Workshops  <======

To Learn more about Robin's PSYCH-K® offerings including:

Basic - The Foundational workshop that can change your life

Pro - Enhance your 1:1 application skills, explore how to facilitate your PSYCH-K® sessions and how to share your unique marketing offer
(Basic is the pre-requisite)

Advanced Integration - Expanding beyond the Basic with additional impactful transformational processes
(Basic is the pre-requisite)

Divine Integration Retreat - Specialized retreat to integrate your personal connection to Divine
(Basic and Advanced are the pre-requisites)

Health & Wellness Program - Specialized workshop to enhance the application of PSYCH-K® to health and wellness
(Basic and Advanced are the pre-requisites)   

======>  Essentials for Success    <======

Have you heard these  standard statements often stated within books, articles or training?

"Change your beliefs and you can change your success."
"When you shift a belief, you will stop fighting with yourself and develop real self-efficacy."

Yet the 'how to change' is not provided or is suggested to use some conscious process that takes a long time…

Here are some myths about training:

"For training to stick, we must repeat the information in a variety of ways and over a period of time."
"Training gives a temporary feel good but does not provide long term impact."

When you blend training, consulting or coaching content with a proven sustainable approach to transforming beliefs or mindsets, you can achieve accelerated impact and sustainable success.

Are you ready:
To help your clients get accelerated results?
To expand your perceptions?
To integrate new success beliefs?
To elevate your level of thinking about your business?

Robin is ready to be your catalyst in expanding and evolving your success.

With the Evolution of Business, we are focused on helping inspired leaders elevate their level of consciousness and decision making to achieve sustainable success.
Join us for the three-day interactive and experiential Essentials for Success workshop from 8:30 am to 5pm each day.
The focus of the workshop is to introduce you to an effective, proven method of integrating awareness and wisdom at the subconscious level of the mind to create new automatic habits and actions.
Through the workshop, you will learn and experience the processes for yourself as well as how to incorporate them within your training, consulting and coaching offerings.

Learn how to reprogram your mental models for Business Success. Research shows that winners are self-programmed with a winner's edge that insures their success - even under adverse conditions.

Learn how to create your own future sustainable success.

The Next scheduled Workshop Here

Your mindset has the greatest impact on your success - whether you are aware of it or not!
Call Robin today at 901.757.4434 to discuss how you will personally benefit from this seminar. Or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more and reserve your space.


The Next Scheduled Workshops…

======>    PSYCH-K® Basic     <======

InnerActive Consulting Group Inc is presenting the  PSYCH-K® Basic  in Memphis on February 7-9, 2020. This will be facilitated by Robin L Graham

To learn more about the workshop and to register - go to InnerActiveBeliefs.com


======>    PSYCH-K® Advanced     <======

InnerActive Consulting Group Inc is presenting the  PSYCH-K® Advanced  in 2020. Go to website link at the end of next paragraph to find an Advanced workshop being taught by Robin Graham at a location close to you. As a reminder, you must have completed the PSYCH-K® Basic to qualify for this workshop..

To learn more about the workshop and to register - go to InnerActiveMindset.com


======>    Essentials for Success       <======

Robin L Graham is bringing the Essentials for Success workshop to Memphis, TN on May 6th to 8th of 2020.

Designed to align mindsets to Strategic Objectives and Initiatives, this is leading edge, yet proven around the world, workshop. This a can't miss opportunity to improve the performance of the department, organization or leadership of a business.. The workshop in 2018 and 2019  attached leaders from Europe, the East Coast, Memphis, Australia and the West Coast. Join this next group of leaders to set the pace for 2020 and beyond.

To Learn More about the workshop and to register - go to Mindset for Business. com

======>  Distribution Reality 101  <======

Rather than us telling you about this developmental tool or even telling you about the impact and results you will get, the National Association of Electrical Distributors have selected it as a recommended learning and knowledge tool for all of their members. 

NAED talks about Distribution Reality 101

Watch an instructional YouTube Video here

Contact Voss today at 901.757.4434 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get an advance within your company - engage your team, show the importance of cash flow, and develop quality decision skills.

======>  The Phoenix Seminar - Online Now!  <======

Available 24/7 as an internet provided workshop - means no waiting for a group to get together. Improve Your Life now. 

The Phoenix Seminar is a personal development process focusing on liberating growth by showing you the how-to get to the Next Level. We call it the "How to Succeed in Life" workshop.
Within each of us are all of the resources we will ever need.
This online seminar concentrates on drawing out those capabilities and skills and talents.
Decide TODAY to apply the InnerActive principles to your growth: Personally OR for your Organization.
Either way - YOU WIN!

For additional information and online registration,
go to the web site Phoenix Seminar Online

======>  Basic Sales Training - Online Programs  <======

Yes, you can get three versions of Basic Sales Training online . These three versions include…

  • Fast Track Basic Sales Training - for a fast paced yet content rich basic sales training.
  • Basic B2B Sales Training - for the "Newbie" in business to business sales.
  • Basic Sales Training Course - this is the six week, comprehensive learn and apply sales techniques to your current sales job. Proven to work with both new and experienced sales people.

Go to BasicSalesTrainingOnline.com and make your choice relative to what you need and get started immediately. No waiting, no traveling, no time off the clock during prime selling hours. Self-paced and available 24 hour a day - seven days per week.

All three are proven sales training processes and will show you how to sell. The participant guides allow you to internalize and personalize the material to your sales environment. 

Start Today. Go to the site, choose your preferred track, register and start selling!

DISC Train the Trainer

More information to come.

Contact us at 901.757.4434 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your space.

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