Personal Growth

An organization is only as successful as its people, and people's potential can be hampered by anything from low self-esteem to high-stress work environments. As always, we begin with proven assessment tools that take the guesswork out of identifying each employee's performance challenges. We then devise custom solutions specific to the situation, using a variety of tools and techniques from coaching to self-learning CDs. These solutions can help your people unlock their potential and enhance their effectiveness by teaching them how to eliminate stress, embrace change, and establish a success mindset.

In addition to customized solutions, we offer developmental workshops to establish the foundational attitude of 'knowing' improvement is possible regardless of the current situation.

In the Phoenix Seminar for Maximum Achievement, the focus is to bring awareness and 'how to' techniques for moving forward in your life.

In the Essentials for Success workshop, you learn and experience the immense power of your ability to change self-doubt and self-sabotage into confidence and success.


Empowering People For Maximum Performance

The Challenge

Business success today requires highly motivated, personally responsible, clearly focused quality people in every position, at every job, working together for maximum results.

The Opportunity

Empower individuals to be more confident and more effective team members, communicators and problem-solvers. Give them the personal and interpersonal tools they need to build themselves and the organization.

The Potential

The best companies have the best people. When people feel they are growing as individuals, they become more dedicated to growing the company. Total quality management requires total quality people. This course unlocks personal potential and leads to increased achievement, satisfaction and results.

The Benefits

• People feel better about themselves.

• Greater acceptance of personal responsibility for results.

• Superior problem-solving and decision-making skills.

• Improved communications and teamwork.

• Higher productivity and performance.

• Individuals emerge more positive, confident and self motivated.

Phoenix Seminar is Now - Online

Learn the Universal Principles of Success and Achievement on your time schedule without travel or time off from work. This is a classic workshop attended by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Look, we know you are very capable to achieve anything in life you desire. This workshop provides the how-to framework so you will get what you want in your life.

Click on the website link below and start designing and creating your future - now.

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Essentials for Success

generated by PER-K® for Sustainable Success

The missing link between excellent training and sustainable results!

PER-K® (spoken as one word, perk) is about self-discovery, change and sustainable success.

accesses Possibilities,
focuses Energy conguently,
produces repeatable Results,
which is Key to sustainable success.

With over 20 years of use, it is a proven process that can dramatically increase personal and professional performance. PER-K is a unique blend of various methods for change, drawing on scientific research including brain dominance theory, quantum science and neuroscience as well as utilizing principles of mind/body/spirit integration.

PER-K is an easy and effective way to change self-defeating behaviors by changing the self-limiting thoughts that drive them.

PER-K is available through informational presentations, individual coaching and learning workshops.


In the Essentials for Success workshop, participants learn how to create new mindsets or beliefs to support personal and professional goals.

The workshop can provide a general professional improvement focus, such as:

Effective Communication
- Using Both Sides of the Brain

Peak Sales Performance - The Psychological Advantage

Exceptional Leadership
- Leading by Example

Managing for Excellence
- The Whole-Brain Approach

Health and Wellness
- The Mind/Body connection

Turning Stress Into Success
- It's All in How You Look at It

Team Alignment
- Enhancing Group Effectiveness

Biology of Success
- Key Principles of Nature and Sustainable Success

Also, the Essentials for Success workshop can be customized to a specific development process, such as:

Coaching - With a Whole-Brain Perspective

Excellent Entrepreneur
- Using Your Brain Trust for Success

Responsibility and Accountability
- A Personal Commitment

Emotional Intelligence
- Walking Your Talk

The most important part of this process is that you learn how to create your own beliefs to meet the specific needs in your life, personally and professionally.

See Inner Active Mindset for additional information about applying this within your organization and for currently available workshops.

For additional business applications, refer to Improving Performance and the Getting Results Faster Series.

See Inner Active Belief for additional information about the personal application.

Essentials for Success Workshops provided by Robin L. Graham :
In 1997, Robin was one of the first Instructors in the world certified to teach the PSYCH-K® and PER-K® accelerated change processes. In 2003, she was one of the first in the world certified to teach the Advanced Integration workshop. She is a founding member of the Myrddin Corporation Advisory Board. In 2008, she was designated to certify new Advanced Workshop Instructors. And is currently the Director of PER-K® inclucing the expansion into the global business arena.

Workshop Comments:

"Very empowering."

"Excellent tool for my work and for myself."

"I have the power and potential to change and re-program my own subconscious mind."

"Clear, focused, and well organized. The applications for this are practically limitless."

"This is exactly what I have been looking for!"


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