Personal Accountability

Do your employees play the blame game every time something goes wrong? Personal Accountability is about choosing to make a positive contribution no matter what your role or level. We teach your employees to make better choices by asking better questions. When your employees learn to hold themselves accountable for their own thinking and behaviors, they take ownership of the results they produce.


Achieving Excellence By Practicing
Personal Accountability in Business and in Life

" Why do we have to go through all this change?"
" Why is this happening to me?"
" When is someone going to train me?"
" When is that department going to do its job right?"
" Who dropped the ball?"
" When am I going to find good people?"
" Why can't they communicate better?"
" Who's going to solve the problem?"

Have you ever heard questions like these?

If so, QBQ! Achieving Excellence by Practicing Personal Accountability is on target for your organization! The Question Behind the Question™ (QBQ™) is a powerful and practical idea that works.

Eliminate Blame, Complaining, and Procrastination

All organizations suffer from these critical problems. Personal accountability is the solution and the QBQ! is a tool that brings it to life. QBQ! enables organizations, teams, and people to:

      ~ Foster Creativity

      ~ Adapt to Change

      ~ Develop people

      ~ Enhance communication

      ~ Build effective teams

      ~ Increase productivity

      ~ Solve problems

The QBQ! training and development system can help any team make personal accountability a core value within their organization. This content-rich program featuring author John G. Miller goes beyond the common topics of customer service, team building, supervisory skills, sales techniques and motivation/attitude to lay a foundation for delivery concrete results in every arena.

It's all about personal accountability ... it's just as simple as that!

Session I: QBQ! A Tool for Leaders at All Levels

      ~ Define the QBQ!

      ~ Eliminating Stress

      ~ Understanding Leadership

      ~ The Power of Choice

      ~ Two Myths of Accountability

      ~ Our Leadership Role

      ~ A Picture of Personal Accountabilty

Session II: The "How To" of the QBQ!

      ~ The QBQ! Guidelines

      ~ How Leaders View Problems

      ~ Eliminate Complaining

      ~The Foundation of Teamwork

      ~ Stop the Blame Game

      ~ The Value of Action

      ~ Defeating Procrastination

Session III: Personal Accountability in Action

      ~ Adapting to Change

      ~ Understanding Communication

      ~ The Essence of Learning

      ~The Power of Serving Others

      ~ Serving and Coaching:

      ~ Accountability: A Timeless Message

      ~ A Leader's Job

      ~ The Cornerstone of Leadership

Session IV: QBQ! Creativity and Integrity

      ~ Careers Require Ownership

      ~ The Cornerstone of Success: Belief

      ~ True Creativity

      ~ Common Gaps of Integrity

      ~ The Cost of Organizational Politics

      ~ An Integrity Test

      ~ Characteristics of Achievers

Believers in the QBQ! Message:

American Express * Bayer * Bell Canada * Blockbuster * Cellular One *
Chick-fil-A * ConAgra * Country Inns & Suites * Drury Hotels *
Express Personnel * Farmers Insurance * General Motors * The Hartford *
Jazzercise * Land O' Lakes Mass Mutual * Merck * Nextel * Northwest Airlines
Novartis Pharmaceutical * Purina Mills * Quest Diagnostics * SouthTrust Bank
Sprint * St. Jude Medical * United Van Lines * Wells Fargo Mortgage *

"QBQ! is a powerful concept and training process that is practical and easy to apply when confronted with the challenges we all face in our broad and diverse roles. QBQ! is making a difference for us that is truly lasting and valued. Thank you!"

J.R., Vice President, Blockbuster

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