Leadership Development

Leadership development is a key service we offer to clients.

Coaching leaders in the methods, techniques and strategies needed for their personal and organizational success is how we help our client leaders. 

Executive Leadersship

Focus is primarily on the strategic issues necessary for their organizations to perform - revenue growth, profiable growth, sustainability of success,  Process is one on one for a minimum of six months with most signing up for a one year of personal executive coaching.

 Manager Coaching

Working with functional managers usually to improve their personal skills in leadership. Technically competency is no guarantee of leadership competency - especially using people or soft skills necessary for leadership. After identifying their natural personal strengths and weaknesses, we capture their direct reports natural strengths and weaknesses. 

Using best practices for performance and employee engagement, the manager is taught the skills needed to interact with each direct report and the best practices for group communication. 

High Potentail or Fast Tracker Coaching

This is another situation whereby the most common purpose is to guide the individual in the best practices for personal interaction and communication. This are highly technically competent individual with limited ability to use their soft skills or communication skiills with their team members.

High success rate working with these types of future leaders. Many have been promoted shortly after our coaching process has improved their soft skills enough to match their high level technical skills. These future leaders are found in many functional areas - IT groups, R & D, Techical sales, and the like.

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