Job / Talent Alignment

The goal for organizations is to have the talent of people matched to requirements of the job. This match leads to high energy, engaged and motivated employees that provided long-term benefits to the organization. The primary method used to obtain an engaged culture is by proactively addressing the need for job matching. Whether hiring, promoting, or seeking to improve the performance of an existing employee, our Job/Talent Alignment process can pinpoint the skills, values, behaviors and attributes that will lead to success in a given position.

We begin by benchmarking the job itself, identifying the behaviors, attitudes, and attributes that will lead to success in a given position. Your employees or job candidates then take our on-line assessments (with no staff time required on your end) to determine their personal behaviors, attitudes, and attributes. The resulting report not only helps you align the right person with each position, it also provides valuable insight into managing and developing each person for maximum potential.

Key Accountabilities

Job benchmarking begins with a list of “key accountabilities” defined for each targeted job. Key accountabilities are the critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for producing. The key accountabilities are defined by a stakeholder group of up to 10 people comprised of top performers in the specific job, people who manage the position, and a member of the executive management team.

The Tri-Metrix™ Job Report

The title "TriMetrix" provides insight into the process by which the system evaluates a job across three separate indices with 37 total factors. These are:

   1. Attributes that a job requires for successful performance.
      (23 factors measured),

   2. Values that a specific job rewards.
      (6 factors measured)

   3. Behavioral traits that a job demands.
      (8 factors measured)

Put another way, this system provides answers to the following questions:

      • What personal capabilities does this job require?

      • What does this job reinforce or reward?

      • What behaviors are necessary for success in this job?

Assess Personal Capabilities

Interviewers agree that the interview process is minimally effective at best. What is needed is an unbiased assessment that reveals people’s:

      · VALUES that motivate them to do a job,

      · BEHAVIORS they will bring to the job, and

      · whether they have the specific capabilities or ATTRIBUTES needed for the job.

The Tri-Metrix™ Personal Report

The TriMetrix System’s Personal Report provides a summary of a person’s capabilities to match the identical areas outlined in the TriMetrix Job Report. Within the framework of a company’s overall selection and development processes, this report reveals the WHY (values), HOW (behaviors) and WHAT (attributes) an individual can contribute to a job.

In order to do this a person will complete an integrated on-line survey combining three assessments:

      • Attribute Index™

      • Motivation Insights™

      • Style Insights™

Using a variety of assessment tools provides a more complete picture of the individual. This “whole person approach” is in line with the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Guidelines.

Alignment Review

The Personal Capability Report is then compared to the Job Benchmark for areas of alignment.

For hiring: Best alignment equates to best match for success!
If a specific, critical factor is not aligned, then individual development and coaching can be initiated, if appropriate and time allows.

For promotion:
Provides a roadmap for individual development focused on specific job requirements

For performance improvement:
Highlights possible mis-matches with the current job and provides guidelines for individual development

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