Improving Performance

We begin by helping you identify the gap between current and desired performance. Then we devise custom solutions specific to the situation, using a variety of tools and techniques to achieve the desired results, from coaching to self-learning CDs.

One unique approach we offer involves going beyond traditional development methods. These typically focus on providing information in various formats and assuming (hoping ) the individual will remember and apply appropriately. This is not always the case.

To ensure long lasting change, the patterns of old habits and inner thoughts must be upgraded to support the desired new behaviors. Through certification and experience, we have become experts in the field of overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Implementing this approach, we can ensure you get the performance improvement you are expecting.

Getting Results Faster Series

with PER-K® for Sustainable Success

Re-Writing your Mental Software for Enhanced Performance

Trying Harder Isn't Enough

"We doubt that a well-intentioned, just-try-harder approach will fundamentally improve the quality of executives' decision making... training must be broadened to include what is now known about how our minds work and must expose managers directly to the unconscious mechanisms that underlie biased decision making."

-Banaji, Bazerman &Chugh Harvard Business Review, December 2003

Business experts agree that in order to be more competitive and profitable in today's world marketplace, corporations need to shift their culture. The key to shifting the corporate culture successfully is the ability to shift personal mindsets… to transform personal beliefs, attitudes and values.

"Skillful behavior may be said to be guided by master programs in individuals' heads, programs that automatically produce the behavior in everyday life. Therefore, effective change requires altering the master programs."

Chris Argyris

Knowledge for Action

Changing individual behavior is similar to rewriting the software of a personal computer. Just as you are able to change the printout of a computer by changing the software, you can change personal behavior by changing beliefs. Our beliefs determine our actions and our actions determine our results!

There are pre-defined topics that can be utilized in this process. Each topic is designed to deal with specific areas that are critical to corporate success. After the process, each individual on a team will have dealt with self limiting beliefs (that lead to self defeating behavior) and created new self-empowering beliefs (that lead to increased performance and confidence.). Optional areas that can be focused upon include:

      Exceptional Leadership - Leading by Example

      Peak Sales Performance - The Psychological Advantage

      Team Alignment - Enhancing Group Effectiveness

      Turning Stress into Success - It's All in How You Look at It

      Health and Wellness - The Mind/Body Connection

      Effective Communication - Using Both Sides of the Brain

Additional topics can be customized to meet your specific initiatives such as:

      Emotional Intelligence - Walking Your Talk

      Safety - Making Safety Awareness a Habit

     Performance Appraisals - Gaining Commitment for Expected Results

      Ethics - Aligning Individual and Organizational Agreements

Companies and Organizations that have been using this proven system have reported the following benefits about their people:

      Enhanced personal and group effectiveness

      Growth in sales by releasing fears and doubts that blocked peak sales performance

      Reduced health care costs due to changed beliefs about the importance of wellness

      Improved communications resulting in increased effectiveness

      Improved and revitalized corporate culture and spirit

After locating the storehouse for attitudes and beliefs, our unique process enables individuals to replace old self-defeating beliefs with new supporting and self-empowering ones. The really important issue is the process is simple, direct, effective and verifiable. In other words, it works!

See Inner Active Mindset for additional information or Winning Mindset for Sales to explore specific sales applications.

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