Conflict Resolution

Ongoing conflict usually arises out of differences in behaviors, values, and attributes. We begin by assessing these characteristics in your employees, identifying both the cause of the conflict and the specific solutions. We then apply personal or team coaching, along with other forms of interventions, to restore harmony and productivity to the workplace.

When people are working together there is always the potential for misunderstandings, poor communication situations and in some cases a clash of ego. All these factors can lead to natural conflict between individuals. Our experience has shown that 80% of conflict begins in the areas of behavioral style conflict. So the biggest solution to conflict is educating individuals on the diversity of styles and then most conflict is minimized or eliminated.
See Effective Communication for Results for more information.

For the other 20% and the fine tuning necessary for superior collaboration between individuals, we offer a couple of potential solutions:
First is a workshop targeting how to resolve conflict for individuals, teams and managers. The objectives of this workshop is to help integrate human resource skills and strategies into daily operations, help everyone to understand the role of conflict in organizations and to resolve conflicts more effectively. This half-day workshop is interactive and delivers the best practices for managers, supervisors and executives to resolve conflict in their areas of responsibility.

In some of the more difficult cases of conflict, we have been used to mediate the conflict using a triad concept to get people involved in resolving their issues and misunderstandings. Usually, an objective third party can involve the individuals in a dialogue that gets to the core issue or issues which can then be addressed in a proactive manner to overcome the conflict. We have been particularly successful working with managers that are having tuff battles or similar issues. The objective is to refocus these individuals toward a common goal that benefits the organization rather than their individual ego drives.

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