Productivity Improvement

Learn where to focus your improvement processes to get measurable and meaningful results. There are numerous methods or practices that have been designed to uncover areas for improvement in processes, work-flows, planning processes, and fact-based decision making.

Some of the methods that we assist our clients include the following:

Training Systems – Designed to provide individuals with knowledge, skills or attitudes that may be applied immediately on the job.

Individual / Group Goal Setting - intended to increase planning for performance improvement between employees and their immediate supervisors or managers.

Performance Appraisal Systems – An intervention intended to change or improve methods for measuring employee performance and providing feedback to employees about their performance.

Process Improvement – Designed to change the way in which processes are performed to make them more effective or efficient.

Open-System Mapping – Designed to identify relevant inputs, outputs, and transformation processes of an organization.

Work-Flow Planning – Used to plan the flow of work between two or more components of an organization. Usually aligns several components to create a smooth and efficient network of work.

Interorganizational Development – An intervention in which two groups or organizations work together to establish and/or maintain more effective relationships.

Reengineering – Also known as process innovation or core process redesign – a radical redesign of business process to achieve breakthrough results.

Work Redesign
– An intervention in which the work itself is changed.

Survey Feedback Systems
– Designed to collect information from members of an organization, report the results, and the use the results as the starting point for action planning for improvement.

These are some of the methods used to implement Productivity Improvement. These interventions can be executed at the individual level, team or work unit, or the organization as a whole. Again, the exact processes used would be determined after a meeting to determine the exact issues and the outcomes or results needed for the organization, individual or work unit to be more successful.
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