Problem Solving

We help you identify and solve existing or potential problems before they negatively impact your company’s performance. Furthermore, we help uncover the core issues that can cause low morale, disharmony, and work stoppage or delays.

Team Problem Solving Methods and Techniques

Research is showing that team problem solving is a more productive process than individual problem solving.
Some of the benefits from team problem solving and decision making include:

New and Different ideas emerging
Understanding and support increase for implementation steps
Individual points of view are aired and reconciled
Self-interests are surfaced and incorporated into decisions
Increased learning and personal growth occur
No winners or losers emerge; therefore greater unity in the team
More opinions and viewpoints are expressed
The importance of each member’s view is confirmed and validated
Backroom politics are discouraged and minimized

A six-step process for problem solving is delivered in our work session with multiple methods available for the team to use.
The six steps are:

Gathering Ideas:
1. Brainstorming Techniques
2. Mindstorming or the 20 idea method
3. Affinity Diagrams
4. The Delphi Method

Prioritizing Ideas:
1. Multivoting
2. Nominal Group Techiques

Analyzing Ideas
1. Process Flowcharting

Collecting Data
1. Pareto Charts
2. Cause and Effect Diagrams (Fishbone Technique)

Developing Alternative Solutions
1. The Solution Matrix
2. The Cost/Benefit Analysis

Making a Decision
1. Objectives
2. Alternatives
3. Risks

Using Innovation and Creativity to Raise the Bar on Performance

While most problem solving techniques are used to return performance levels back to some predetermined standard, Innovation and Creativity are used to move above the past standards of performance and get to new levels of standards.
Getting people to move out of their past practices and explore new methods or technologies can be a totally new adventure for some people. Yet, everyone has the ability to create and innovate, if they practice using their inborn skills. This process is designed to release the power of innovation and creativity within each individual and to raise the bar of performance levels.

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