Organizational Communication

Is the corporate message getting through to your employees in a manner that secures their buy-in to company objectives? Does your marketing department really understand what your IT department is talking about? We help you eliminate corporate jargon and communicate in simple and clear methods that increase understanding.

We have been engaged to assist groups to learn how to communicate effectively with other groups. The key is to learn how to say exactly what you mean without all the corporate jargon, initial based mumbo-jumbo or the sterile corporate speak. Too often we hear about the emails, voice mails or memo’s that communicate little yet offend many.

Learn to use a common language that communicates your exact message to the intended users. It is a simple process, yet it is not easy because people are required to think about their message before they put it out.

This process combined with the Effective Communication for Results creates positive and effective communication flow throughout the corporate environment.

An important method that we use is to get teams or cross functional groups together and experience small group dialogues to improve interaction between the members and allow for spirited and robust dialogue. This allows for groups to overcome the energy zapping group think attitudes that so many organizations are dealing with on a daily basis. It is important to both managers and teams that all the information is placed upon the table for discussion and sometimes full frontal debate. Yet, in the end, everyone knows that the group has a bigger agenda than anyone’s personal agenda. Espirit de corp can save an organization and create a winning environment. Winners use open communication techniques to their advantage.

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