Business Acumen and Literacy

Employees who feel like a “cog in the wheel” are unlikely to feel responsible for achieving corporate goals. Do your people really understand their relationship to the company’s operational and financial functions? Do they understand how their daily decisions can impact the bottom line? Using business simulations, we show your staff how each function works and the impact that their contribution makes to the company’s overall performance. The knowledge gained creates a competitive advantage by empowering your employees and increasing their buy-in of corporate objectives.

InnerActive Consulting Group offers several simulations designed to learn critical business acumen concepts.

Manufacturing Reality™

Manufacturing Reality is a competitive simulation designed to help individuals in manufacturing companies realize the impact of Market Leadership, Quality Investments, Research and Development, manufacturing Flexibility investments, and manufacturing Efficiency investments.

Participants come away with a deep understanding of the complexities of business and the balance that must be achieved between sales and marketing and production to be financially successful. Further, they discover the power of focus - that no company can afford to be all things to all markets. Successful companies choose how to compete and focus their efforts on profitable segments that match their manufacturing stengths.

As stated by a Plant HR Manager, "You can have employees get eight years of experience in eight years or two days!"

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How does this work?

In this two day competitive simulation, multiple companies vie for orders and strive to maintain or become market leaders. Decisions on sales & marketing and manufacturing strategy determine how successful (or not) each company is when they calculate their income statement and balance sheet each year. The real success of their decisions, both short and long term, can be seen over the eight years of the simulation. Each management team has complete control over the manufacturing, R&D, and sales and marketing investments they make and the results they experience.

What is the outcome?

      • Understand the reality of various strategies such as investments in quality improvement, manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing flexibility as well as research and development.

      • Discover the reality of the most probable competitive responses to initiatives launched in the market place.

      • Understand the reality of being a market leader (or NOT being a market leader.)

      • Understand the reality of a strong relationship between sales/marketing and production/manufacturing.

      • Discover the relationship between the strategies and decisions employed and the financial impact to the company.

How can you use this?

Manufacturing Reality™ was co-developed by the strategy group of Daimler Chrysler and Business Methodologies Intl. to simulate your actual marketplace - enabling you to test various strategic scenarios against your competition.

Manufacturing Reality™ can be customized to reflect the actual financial and market conditions that exist for you and your competitors. Options to build into the simulation are the growth of the overall market, the pricing and margin trends, right down to the actual financial condition of your competitors (where known or available).
Other applications include:
• Leadership development
• Sales development
• Operations to Finance connection

Feedback from recent participants:

Sales VP: "I had tunnel vision - get the order and deliver it. Now have critical view of the whole process and the impact of cash in the bank not just in Accounts Receivable!"

Operations Manager: "Realized the time to change capacity and the impact as a business issue. Very good education of cash flow and importance of adding value."

Project Engineer: "Well rounded view of cash. Know importance of business forecasts, timelines, performance and flexibility."

Decision Base™

Decision Base is a two-day business simulation where participants work in teams to manage a company. Participants impact the general operations, competitive position, and limits on company resources leading to more informed and effective business decisions. Participants will confront and handle situations involving strategic planning, purchasing & production, corporate intelligence, marketing & sales, product & market development and the financial impact of decisions within these areas.
Working together, participants will begin to build the bridges across departmental boundaries, open lines of communication and develop financial competence.

Who is this for?

• Companies needing to create cross-functional business teams that can work a focused strategy.
• Companies needing to broaden the perspective of department managers to understand the whole organization.
• Sales people needing to understand how their customers make money.
• Companies needing to increase coordination and get managers to think strategically about how their decisions impact the company as a whole.

Anticipated Results

• Increased profitability resulting from managers who view the organization as a whole.
• Recognize profitable business opportunities and use resources wisely.
• Use financial statements and ratios as planning tools
• Work consistently in line with formulated strategies.

Apples & Oranges™

Apples & Oranges is a one-day business simulation where people work in teams to manage a typical business. They compare the effects of management decisions in seemingly unrelated business areas from inventory levels to customer service initiatives. They gain an understanding of how and where costs and income are generated, and the impact on the overall efficiency and profitability of the operation.
Apples & Oranges is available in several versions to simulate specific business environments. Versions include manufacturing, service (focusing on capacity utilization, reducing costs & serving the right customer), distribution, knowledge companies & health care.

Who is this for?

• Companies wanting to improve the business acumen and literacy of individuals at all levels of the organization.

Anticipated Results
• Participants are able to contribute directly to financial & performance goals of a company.
• Create a common vision throughout the organization
• Build a shared understanding of financial and management concepts
• Ability to communicate key messages during time of organizational change


Tango is a unique two-day business simulation. Working in 4 person teams, participants become the management team of an organization to run for 7 business cycles – pursuing its strategy to maximize profitability. As a result of this workshop, participants are given the tools & skills to effectively manage and improve the intangible assets of the organization – people, image, know-how or competence. Tango provides a common, visual based model and vocabulary. Teams compete against other teams for customers and employees, choosing their business strategy and managing their tangible & intangible assets for long-term financial results. Most importantly, participants learn to strike a balance between attracting the right employees and customers and ensuring adequate profits & cash flow. Tango demonstrates that none of these factors exists in isolation. Any change in one factor can radically affect the organization’s position in both the customer and employee markets. It shows how actions and decisions affect profitability of an organization without risking real assets of their company. What emerges is a clear understanding of how these factors affect an organization.

Who is this for?

• Companies wanting to improve profitability and competitiveness without an risk.
• Companies wanting to create an energized & inspired environment for their staff.

Anticipated Results
• Participants will be able to identify, measure and manage intangible assets to create long-term profitability.
• Understand how to create a market image that attracts the “right clients.”
• Understanding of the real value of human capital to a company.

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