Organizational Development

Your Goals:

  • Remove barriers to high performance.
  • Developing effective teams for results.
  • Create open channels of communication.
  • Increase employee buy-in of corporate objectives.

Our Solutions:

  • Proven assessment tools to quantify the skills and attributes of your employees.
  • Customized programs for addressing your specific performance challenges.
  • Processes that create sustainable improvement.
  • Techniques that include interactive workshops, speaking, and coaching.
  • Tools that include audio & video materials and web-based support.

Our Organizational Development Team, led by Voss Graham, has been helping companies and individuals build their organizations since 1988. Here are just some of the ways we can help get your organization to the next level:

Leadership Development

Effective leadership is the essential ingredient for creating a high-performing corporate culture. And in today's world of project teams and cross-functional groups, any employee can be called upon to demonstrate leadership skills. We offer a proven program for taking your company's current and future leaders to the next level.

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Customer Service

Unless you sell a product or service that no one else offers, it is your Customer Service that differentiates you in the marketplace. Ironically, studies have shown that the Customer Service systems in many companies actually increase customer dissatisfaction! Are your systems helping or hindering your customer's experience? How proactive are you in addressing customer issues? The InnerActive process helps you and your employees look at your company through the customer's eyes, leading to improvements in your system and a sense of responsibility among your employees.

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Developing Effective Teams for Results

Assigning people to teams is easy; getting those teams to produce dynamic results isn't. How do you overcome the "80-20 rule" (where 20% of the people do 80% of the work)? How do you get members of the team headed in the same direction without losing the diversity of ideas and work styles that the members can contribute? We begin with proven assessment tools that produce usable profiles of team members and team dynamics, then develop custom processes for getting each team to the next level.

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Executive Performance Coaching

No matter how high they rise on the corporate ladder, true leaders recognize the need to fine-tune their skills and replenish their tool kit on a regular basis. The best way of doing this is by obtaining a wise and knowledgeable coach to assist you in getting to the next level. The InnerActive team has a track record of success over nearly two decades of working with middle and upper-level executives.

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Strategic Planning

A step-by-step process for deciding upon the best direction for your company's future. The process begins with a frank examination of where you stand today, coupled with quantifiable goals for where you want to be tomorrow. Once these foundations are established, we assist you in setting measureable objectives and financial matrixes for reaching your goals, and in implementing the processes that will get you to the next level.

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Organizational Communication

Is the corporate message getting through to your employees in a manner that secures their buy-in to company objectives? Does your marketing department really understand what your IT department is talking about? We help you eliminate corporate jargon and communicate in simple and clear methods that increase understanding.

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Problem Solving

We help you identify and solve existing or potential problems before they negatively impact your company's performance. Furthermore, we help uncover the core issues that can cause low morale, disharmony, and work stoppage or delays.

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Productivity Improvement

Learn where to focus your improvement processes to get measurable and meaningful results. There are numerous methods or practices that have been designed to uncover areas for improvement in processes, work-flows, planning processes, and fact-based decision making.

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Business Acumen & Literacy

Employees who feel like a "cog in the wheel" are unlikely to feel responsible for achieving corporate goals. Do your people really understand their relationship to the company's operational and financial functions? Do they understand how their daily decisions can impact the bottom line? Using business simulations, we show your staff how each function works and the impact that their contribution makes to the company's overall performance. The knowledge gained creates a competitive advantage by empowering your employees and increasing their buy-in of corporate objectives.

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