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The TriMetrix™ series are the most predictive of individual performance ever developed. While most people only use a single element assessment such as DISC or some behavioral component, the TriMetrix™ series uses a minimum of three core assessment sciences within one comprehensive report. Research on the predictive ability of assessments moves from a 60% using a single assessment to over 92% with three or more assessment sciences.

The TriMetrix series includes four current versions to meet the needs of each client. These include…

TriMetrixACI - Identifies the Behaviors, Workplace Motivators and the Acumen Capacity for Quality Decisions and Choices.The Quality of an individual's Choices is the best indicator of their high performance abilities.

TriMetrixDNA - identifies the Behaviors, Workplace Motivators and the Competencies of an individual. Used in both performance coaching, team dynamics and the selection and hiring process (when used with the TriMetrixDNA Job Benchmark and GAP Analysis reports.)

TriMetrixHD - the ultimate measure of an individual's natural strengths & weaknesses. Identifies the behavioral traits, what motivates the person, the quality of their choices, decisions and problem solving, plus the personal competencies hierarchy of current talent levels. When used with the corresponding TriMetrixHD Job Benchmakr and GAP Analysis reports you can predict high performance at levels of 90% or better. Using the TriMetrixHD, our clients have discovered there natural Strengths and Weaknesses leading to improved Self-Awareness of Self. This awareness leads to improvements in their developmental processes, ability to coaching & lead others, and dynamically improve their personal development as leaders.

TriMetrixEQ - The newest addition to the series offering a report on the individual's behavioral traits, what motivates the individual and the emotional quiotent scores - how emotional stable is the individual. This new report offers insight into how all three factors influence an individual's performance. EQ uncovers the true abillity for long term high performance characteristics as a Leader for your organization. Every research project into what determines high performance reflects the soft skills identified by the EQ section are the key indicators of high performance.

Call today to get insights on yourself or your team members.  We can show you how this level of assessment can change performance within your organization. 


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