Sales Process Development

Are your sales processes well thought-out and properly executed, or is your sales team just winging it? We identify and quantify your sales processes, then evaluate them in conjunction with your customers' needs. (For example, we match your selling processes to your customers' buying cycles.) Through strategic sales planning, we help you established ongoing processes that will ensure consistent high performance.

There are three primary processes that we offer for Sales Process Development. The first is a consulting or facilitation activity to clearly identify the sales process for your organization. A step by step process flow is developed and the key milestones are identified. The identification of the key milestones allows the sales people to accurately track the progress they are making with their customers. This tracking process can be used to improve the forecasting models for the organization and improve the credibility of the sales managers. It also contributes to the performance management process. Process identification allows the sales personnel to discuss the key strategies and promotions for winning sales opportunities and making their numbers on a consistent basis.

The second process would be to analyze the data from the sales process and look for ways to shorter or accelerate the process without by passing critical points in the sales process. Also, the benchmarking of the top performers relative to the sales process and the methods they use could be compared against the lower level performers. These performance gap causes could be identified and training or coaching processes could be implemented to raise the levels of performance.

The third process would be to approach sales planning like an executive team would approach strategic planning for the organization. Therefore, Strategic Planning for the Sales Team would be an annual process. A SWOT analysis would be done by each sales person for their territory or market segment. Goals would be established along with objectives and strategies to accomplish their goals during the year. A comprehensive plan including specific account plans would be prepared and presented to the management team. Finally monthly implementation action plans would be agreed to and launched by each sales person. Monthly strategic reviews would be executed between the sales managers and each sales person during the month for tracking progress and to provide the necessary coaching for sales success.

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