Sales Performance Evaluation

The key to an outstanding and winning sale team is in direct relationship to the quality and ability of each individual on the sales team. Therefore, it is very important for the people who are responsible for building and maintaining a world-class sales team to have objective data to build into this process.

Objectivity is important in both dealing with the existing sales team members and selecting the future winners and leaders for the sales team. We are providing assistance in gaining a better understanding of why you're getting the results you're getting from the existing sales team as well as a system for improving the selection process - knowing what you are getting in advance rather than 30-60-90 days into the relationship (which may be to late!).

The starting point for all sales development and selection processes is the Evaluation of Existing Teams. There are several factors that make this important. First, there are times when sales teams are merged together and a consistent objective tool is needed to answer questions about several issues - such as who is best suited for certain positions?; what is the skills level of the group(s)?; what traits do the high performers have relative to the average performer?; what type of sales people do we currently have? This information is particularly useful to new sales managers and sales executives that are responsible for sales results from a sales team that they don't know very well. We provide the Sales Team Performance Process plus a Sales Team Overview Report for executive review.

Second, since Customer Retention Strategies, Customer Relationship Strategies and Customer Satisfaction Indices are becoming more important in today's organizations; you will need to get additional feedback on the individual sales person's ability to properly serve your customer base. Therefore, a 360º Feedback for Sales on the sales people provides timely information regarding the actual performance of your sales team. The survey is used to get an assessment for each sales person, their sales boss, peers and (most importantly) their customers. This information provides a reality check between actual performance and perceived performance.

Third, a Benchmark Process is needed to determine the differences between the high performers within the sales team and the average performers. The benefit to the organization of a benchmark is to provide information that can be used in the selection process - thereby improving the selection process and the quality of new team members. The Benchmark Process utilizes the Sale Team Performance Process on selected members of the sales team. This information is analyzed to determine the traits and characteristics that separate the top performers. This information would be included in the hiring and selection process.

The Sales Team Performance Process is used by our clients for creating individualized or targeted development for the sales team's members. This increases the probability that investments for development and training are highly focused to the needs of the team and each individual. Thus, you get improved return on investment of each developmental dollar. A side-benefit to the sales management group is the sales team finds the subject of each development process more meaningful to him or her. Thus, more new skills are implemented and results are immediate.

Continuing to the Selection Process, we offer two primary resources for sales force selection. The first is the TriMetrix™ Job Position Analysis. This tool looks at the position rather than the candidate. It is very helpful when identifying the differences related to job positions - what competencies or attributes are necessary for success in the job for today and the future? Also, new sales positions being created without the benefit of previous standards of performance require this information. Or, when people appear to be mismatched due to lower performance when moved to a different sales position. Targeted information provided for sales managers (and others in the selection interview process) are the behavioral interviewing questions developed on the top seven competencies/attributes relative to a position. These questions are designed for you to learn about how the candidates actually perform the necessary job attributes and competencies. It takes the guesswork out of the interview process.

The second resource for the selection process is the Sales Performance Process report or the TriMetrix™ Personal Talent Report. This tool gives you objective information regarding the each candidate. Since candidates have improved their interviewing skills and have learned to say all the right things during an interview, this tool gives you an objective overview of the candidate to insure that you would get the same person that you interviewed. This information provides you with insights into HOW the person sells (style), WHY the person sells (the motivation part), CAN the person sell in a competitive environment (skills knowledge), and WHAT attributes does the individual bring to the sales arena(quality of thinking). This information combined with the executive summary we provide to the interviewing manager allows for improved selection performance which leads to faster sales results of each new person - thus highly overall sales performance.

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