Sales Leadership Development

Good sales leadership is the essential ingredient for creating a high-performing sales culture. Your sales management can impact the results of your sales team (positively or negatively) faster than any other single factor. Most sales managers are promoted from within the sales team, but few are given the proper training on making the difficult transition from sales to management. We offer a proven program for taking sales managers and VPs to the next level.

Today’s business climate is creating challenges for all levels of management. The sales group is taking the hardest hit due to the expectation levels placed upon these men and women responsible for hitting an organization’s numbers. Since their credibility is on the line, their decisions become more pressure packed.

The need to balance the goals of the organization, customers and the individual, the quality of the people side of an organization becomes a most important element. Research has shown that emotional or soft skill areas contribute significantly to high performance. Therefore, managers need to become more aware of how to manage their sales teams using a balance of hard and soft skills. This balanced approach will insure higher performing individuals leading to higher energy levels (to deal with today’s fast pace), to clearer focus and clarity as to goals and objectives and the methods to insure the success of these plans.

Today, the sales manager has a greater responsibility to develop their people. This focus will enhance the strategies and efforts of everyone associated with the selling process and increase both leverage and productivity of talents within the organization.

This challenge needs to be addressed head-on with a proactive approach to enhance both the awareness and the actions of sales managers. One-day events to solve all the issues or create new managers has shown their ineffectiveness. Today’s development process requires a process that balances the focus between continuous improvement and breakthrough learning. Therefore, we designed and delivered the…

The Leadership Builder™ for Sales Managers

This process provides a proactive balance of hard and soft skill development over a twelve to eighteen-month period. It will develop the skills for sales managers to take their sales teams to the next level. It offers a combination of face-to-face group development and focused fine-tuning of skills application using phone coaching, email and web-based learning.

Topics or themes are as follows:

Roles of Sales Management and Leadership

  •  Development of Sales Team

  • Selection and Recruitment of Winning Sales Team Members

  • Techniques for leading a Sales Team

Performance Management

  • Coaching for Performance

  • Performance Reviews 

  • Developmental Methods

Growing the Business

  • Understanding your role in Growing the Business

  • Strategic Sales Management – Key Accounts

  • Planning Sales Success – Hitting your Forecasts

Integrating Marketing into Sales

  • How Marketing impacts the sales performance

  • The Power of Brand, Positioning and Key Relationships

  • The Rules of Market and Account Share

Best Practices in Sales Leadership

  • Learn the Practices of High Performers

  • What are other industries doing for Competitive Advantage

  • What can the Leader do to create Competitive Advantage

Avoiding Career Derailment

  • Role of Personal Leadership

  • How to develop a healthy and high energy Lifestyle

  • The Fallacy of playing it Safe

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