Sales and Marketing Alignment

Is your company like a Dilbert comic strip, where the marketing and sales departments speak different languages and sabotage each others' efforts? In successful companies, sales and marketing are aligned in a unified front. Sales people understand the concepts of marketing, positioning, and product development, while the marketing staff understands the sales process. We help your marketing and sales departments break out of their respective silos and work together in a coordinated manner.

During our 20+ years of working with sales teams from several different industries we have found one common relationship between successful and unsuccessful companies. Successful companies make a concerted effort to have alignment between the sales and marketing groups. Unsuccessful companies have a sales group and a marketing group without any constructive communication flow between the two silos of power brokers.

In the earlier 90’s we did extensive research into what caused companies to have sustained profitable growth as a normal course of business. This research lend to discovering three common truths that contributed to this profitable growth pattern. The third common thread was sales and marketing alignment. This should be a common sense type of initiative, yet, on many projects we have misalignment between these two foundational units for revenue growth to be at odds over many trivial issues – causing communication breakdowns and a total lack of unity.

Our goal in this project would be to interview and observe the actions of both groups and report back to the top management group regarding the findings. From this information, a suggested course of action would be recommended and discussed to develop action plans for improving the interaction between the sales and marketing groups. The key is for sales and marketing to have a common goal or objective and work closely together to achieve the higher-level goals for the good of the organization.

Interventions could include coaching of the managers or key individuals within the departments to improve collaboration and performance. In some cases it could involve educating the marketing personnel on the fundamentals of selling or the sales personnel on the fundamentals of marketing. In both cases, the importance of understanding each other’s roles would be emphasized and action plans developed to improve their interactions and overall effectiveness.

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