National Accounts Team Development

Sales may be a "numbers game" when it comes to consumer goods, but when you're selling to national accounts, those numbers are limited, and relationships must be developed and maintained over time. If your National Accounts team is using the wrong approach, you put your company's long-term growth at risk. We provide sound tactics and strategies for your key account management, matching methodologies and people to your specific markets and sales channels. We also help you fine-tune your salespeople so they can differentiate themselves in a highly competitive and increasingly fragmented market.

Using both our assessment tools and interviews with key personnel, we determine both group development processes and specific targeted learning for each individual. This approach shows the team the intent of our involvement is to assist them in getting to the next level of sales success.

The more experienced and talented the sales team, the more advanced the developmental process must be to get buy-in and the more important implementation of new techniques and practices. Our experience working with all levels of national account sales individuals assists us in delivered targeted and company or industry specific application of all learning processes.

Our approach is to determine the current levels of each sales person and apply one of three levels of development – foundational, key account selling and Master Level. Each group has unique needs and need to be challenged in the development process or your return on investment is at risk. The one size fits all approach of the past is not good enough into today’s competitive marketplace.

One unique process that we are recommending to all our National Account Teams is a regular video of skills with immediate feedback regarding their performance. The goal is to develop more confidence in their selling talents – leading to confident and calm under pressure sales professionals. The activities covered in the video exercises include presentation skills, rapport building, the proper use of the questioning model to uncover issues with the customer, and how to handle unusual situations raised by the customer – including the handling of ethical issues.

Since these processes are developed for the specific needs of the National Account Sales Team members – there is not an off the shelf workshop to discuss in this area. The process calls for the development of targeted processes that are tailored to the specifics of your organization, industry and level of customer personnel your team is calling. We look forward to working with you to increase the quality of sales in your national accounts group and getting you to the next level.

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