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Each of the processes we offer — from talent selection to leadership development — are important aspects of a successful sales program. But these processes are most effective when they are part of a comprehensive strategic effort to recognize and understand the various markets and sales channels available to your company, and to match those markets and channels with the appropriate people and resources. Whether your goal is growth, or profitability, or both, we help you identify and implement the right selling methodologies for optimum results in every area.

Before we look are our many offering in the business to business sales area, read these three sayings:

"Everything begins with a Sale"
"The Times they are a-changing!"
"Everything -including sales- is a Process"

These three quotes when taken together in today's business environment set the stage for exciting and troubling times for organizations, business executives, sales managers and sales people.

In the past, we watched as company after company cut expenses and improve the productivity of their operations, while the sales team was left to conduct business as usual - without any extra emphasis. Lately, most high performance organizations realized that they had focused on the back room enough and that "growing the top line was now the primary focus of everyone within the organization."

Even with a top-line focus, most organizations have experienced inconsistent success due to incomplete selling strategies. We have been assisting companies and individuals to grow their top lines since 1988. We strongly believe that selling is a process. Likewise, sales teams that have worked to improve their overall sales processes and their individual skills base have seen sales growth well above their industry averages.

Since we believe that there is no "one size fits all" sales development method, we have designed a number of development processes which have proven a proven and consistent track record sales growth and success. The following are some of the processes that we offer to assist sales organizations to increase their top-lines:

InnerActive Selling™ - The Learning Model of Selling

Based upon Voss Graham's book, "The Three Games of Selling™", this process covers the three important areas for sales success. The Inner Game addresses the needs of the sales person and the importance of confidence, competency, self-awareness of strengths & weaknesses and self-mastery. These "Four Horsemen of Self" are the foundation for sales success. The Active Game of selling covers the need for engaging others. Since selling is a highly contact sport, it is important for a sales person to learn the best practices of engaging others in an effective manner. Thus, the emphasis is on communication with others. It covers style and rapport building techniques. Building trust to learn the decision making strategies of every decision maker to improve communications, presentations and proposals. Finally, the Selling Game where strategy and thinking plus learning tactics equal sales success. Five separate selling strategies are covered in this interactive and powerful business to business selling process.

Flexible Selling™

Using the knowledge of style preferences, sales people learn to sell to people they want to be sold to - thus allowing the customer to buy rather than being sold. Delivers methods and insight into dealing with the different types of buyers. Allows the sales person to do the right things when dealing with customers and therefore become more effective in selling.

Mastery of Complex Selling

For the experienced sales person who must master the complexity of Major or Key account selling in the corporate arena; dealing with the different influencers of each major buying opportunity; understanding the dynamics of corporate decision making processes; learn how to track the progress of the sale and be able to recognize when and who to contact next in the sales process.

High Performance Inside Sales

Designed for the inside sales team who are being asked to become more proactive in the selling process. Learning the sales and the buying cycle to become more effective in asking the right questions to drive multiple sales. Understanding the dynamics of phone selling and effective team selling techniques. All improvement leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs to Become a Sales Champion

All sales people have dealt with various beliefs that have kept them from becoming more successful. Not everyone can overcome these self-limiting forces using only their willpower. Working with experts in the field of overcoming our self-limiting beliefs, we have a process that is specifically designed to give the power back to the individual. Using these techniques they overcome the mindset issues that limit performance. Call reluctance, fear of success, fear of calling on higher level people, or just plain old self-doubt have all sabotaged many sales careers. The ability to re-program personal beliefs has led to higher levels of success. On many occasions we have heard sales managers state "they know what to do - they just don't do the right things at the right time!" Our experience has found that self-limiting beliefs are the causative factor behind this behavior. Learn the methods to take control of your performance levels.

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Competitive Advantage Series

Specific Point or Targeting Learning for Sales Teams looking to beat their competition

Working with successful sales teams has confirmed that while the high performers want to improve their skills and sales knowledge that they will not stand for the "same old, same old" sales training. They want definite sales development processes, which do not waste their time. We all know that "time" is the only resource that salespeople can trade for their results. Therefore, only targeted skill development is considered a valuable use of their time.

We developed the Competitive Advantage Series with the true Sales Professional in mind. Mini-seminars or workshops around a specific skill that has been identified by the sales person or by the use of a sales skill assessment (Sales Strategy Index) have provided the necessary skills development.

These workshops can be utilized by a complete sales team (assuming the entire team needs this skill to be successful) or individuals can utilize the mini-workshops presented on site, as a breakout session for regional meetings, or developed as a web or CD based process with personal coaching to fine tune the application of the new material.

The Competitive Advantage Series includes the following half-day, one-day or two-day workshops:

      • Prospecting for New Business

      • Business Development

      • Effectively Targeting Accounts

      • Building Rapport with Everyone

      • Questioning for Improved Sales Results

      • Presentation Skills for Winning More Sales

      • Developing Trust - So They can Decide to Buy!

      • Influencing the Tough Buyer

      • Getting the Selling and Buying Cycles to Work for You

      • Team Selling

      • Breakthrough Negotiation

      • Positioning your product, company and you for success

      • Marketing Communication and Campaigns - Eliminating the cold call!

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