"It has been the most rewarding training I have ever been involved with."
Training Supervisor
International Paper

"The training has had a very positive effect. Some of our neglected areas have shown drastic improvements, areas that were good are better, and overall we seem to be more focused and work better as a management team"
Senior Vice President
Forms & Supplies, Inc.

"I am very glad to have invested the time and consider the entire experience to be extremely valuable in my personal development. I would particularly like to commend you on the follow-up discussions you directed following each of the individual subjects covered. Your depth of knowledge and considerable insight into each of the attendee's unique environments were clearly evident."
Vice-President, Sales

"I would like to thank each of you for the excellent professional support you have given me and the team. I especially liked the way you designed our training workshops to specifically meet our needs. Afterwards, your follow-up meetings to discuss potential issues with the various communications styles of the team members were invaluable."
Change Management Team Leader
Healthcare Division

"Thank you for your presentation at our Second Annual Sales Award Banquet. The presentation was highly insightful and gave our employees a lot of helpful tips on how to improve themselves for the future. Your speech also was highly effective in motivating our sales force to remain top performers."
Sale Management Coordinator
National Bank of Commerce

"I found the seminar on "Complex Selling" to be quite beneficial. It provided helpful tools and guidelines that systematically break down the complex sale into simplified, understandable working parts. Voss Graham did an outstanding job."
Paper Bag Division

"We have bombarded our employees with training, but until this course, we have never focused on the human side of these issues. We were teaching 'outside-in' instead of 'inside-out.' We tried to change the environment in which people worked without addressing the reasons, or need for change. Your seminar dealt with the person, the whole person. Our employees appreciated the opportunity for 'personal development.' Not a day goes by in this organization that you won't find someone referring to something they learned."
Manager, Management Services
International Paper

"Let me first say 'thank you' for being my coach and putting me on the path to achieving my full potential. You helped me focus on myself and enabled me to see the world from the 'inside out.' You helped me turn on the power that everyone seems to have within themselves."
Financial Director
Sara Lee Corporation

"Our time together has helped me develop both professionally and personally, and for that I will always be grateful. Your coaching has taught me more effective ways of communicating with different personalities, while giving me a much richer insight into my own feelings and actions. What I learned from you will stay with me for life."
Senior Manager
Jimmy Dean Foods

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