Hiring Sales Winners

Is your sales team a constant stream of new trainees who just don't seem to work out? Wouldn't it be great if you could hire the right person for the job every time? InnerActive Consulting Group has developed a process that will help you achieve that goal. We begin by benchmarking the job itself, identifying the behaviors, attitudes, selling skills and attributes that will lead to success in that position. Your job candidates then take our on-line assessments (with no staff time required on your end). The resulting report not only helps you align the right person with each position, it also provides valuable insight into managing each person for maximum potential.

We have been actively assisting sales organizations across North America in the selection and hiring of top-level sales people. Using our system, organizations are placing the right people in the right sales positions to improve the quality of their sales team.

Hiring Sales Winners Process

Question: How much Time (& Money) do you Save when you Hire Right, Train Right and Invest Right in Your Sales People?

      So Do the Right Thing�The Right Way!

This process takes proven systems and explores the How, Why, Can, and Will a Salesperson do their job in today's competitive environment. We take the four parts to any salesperson's way of doing business and summarize the information relative to what you and your organization want to accomplish and the job requires for success.

Since we have an understanding of the sales process and know what high performers are doing in today's competitive environment, we take some of the guesswork out and provide you will vital objective information for improved decision making.

The important thing about this process is - It's Proven and It Works!

We have customers - just like you - who tell us continuously how much this process has helped in making the right decisions regarding sales personnel and selection. Some sales managers have used the process as the foundation research for changing the structures and responsibilities of their sales people - utilizing everyone's strengths and moving to more of a team selling approach.

Most importantly for you, this gives you an overview on each sales person or sales candidate, recommends performance improvement strategies, and points out key personalized issues for success - allowing you the Time to make the right decisions in developing and molding your sales team.

We look at four primary areas relative to a sales person's success.

      How They Sell?

      Why They Sell?

      Can They Sell?

      What are their Personal Capacities?

How They Sell?

We look a person's dominant natural style or behavior so we can determine exactly how a person sells in the field. This allows a sales manager to know if a person is best suited to be a "territory developer"; maintainer of existing accounts; a major accounts seller; relationship based; or an order taker/processor type.

Why They Sell?

This part holds the key regarding consistent high-performance in the world of selling. We look at six business attitudes or mindsets, their priorities, and intensity to national norms - which in turn tell us Why the person sells. Most experts on high performance agree upon one thing, it is the reason why that motivates people to continue doing the right things to become successful. Very few have succeeded in the long term when their attitudes or mindsets are out of alignment with the high performance profile.
This information provides knowledge on the key internal motivators that cause people to take action. Knowing this allows for focusing management techniques and coaching to meet with each individual's needs and objectives.

Can They Sell?

Salespeople without excellent sales skills are more likely to suffer longer downturns, lose out on new opportunities, and display low self-confidence. A sales person who has excellent sales skills gains an edge over other less-skilled sales people. They have more self-confidence. This higher self-confidence come from the knowledge or feeling of being in control of their own destiny. Self Mastery comes from knowing you are good in your chosen field.
This information gives both the sales manager and the sales person a reading on their actual selling skills. It also provides a ranking against a High Performance Group Norm (National or Company Norms).

What are their Personal Capabilities?

A salesperson's success can be impacted by whether they fit within the defined culture of the organization. By identifying an individual's attributes or competencies regarding their thinking methods relating to systems, tasks, and people - the hiring manager gains insights into whether the individual will be able to sell successfully in the specific environment. For an even stronger comparison to a specific position, the Job Benchmark process should be completed prior to the hiring process.
This assessment area is designed to give the hiring manager a predictor of the individual's capacity and commitment to a job, how they think within a specific set of expectations, as well as how they will tend to act in a given situation in the future.

"Why should we use this process?"

Is one of the most often asked questions...

The information provided is without bias and is objective. Too often, important decisions are made with bias and emotion without any objective information, which puts the decision maker at risk. Too many sales managers make hiring decisions based on "gut" feeling. The worst case is when the sales manager becomes tired of the interview process and just takes the candidate who has a good looking resume and makes the decision based upon some reaction to whom the person worked for - rather than what the person knows and can deliver or performance based factors.

Are you prepared to deal with this risk?

By utilizing this complete system, you are ensuring equal and fair evaluation of sales candidates for hiring and promotion.

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