B2B Sales

Your Goals:

  • Improve sales team performance and increase revenues.
  • Hire and retain high-performance salespeople.
  • Develop or fine-tune your company's sales processes.
  • Build strong sales leadership.

Our Solutions:

  • Proven assessment tools to quantify the skills and attributes of your salespeople.
  • Customized programs for addressing your specific performance challenges.
  • Techniques that include interactive workshops, speaking, and coaching.
  • Tools that include audio & video materials, web-based support, and videotaped sales presentation reviews.
  • Our Sales Development Team,led by Voss Graham, the "Sales Fitness Coach", has been helping companies and individuals build their sales programs since 1988. Here are just some of the ways we can help get your sales program to the next level:

Increasing Revenues/Boosting Sales

Each of the processes described below - from talent selection to leadership development - are important aspects of a successful sales program. But these processes are most effective when they are part of a comprehensive strategic effort to recognize and understand the various markets and sales channels available to your company, and to match those markets and channels with the appropriate people and resources. Whether your goal is growth, or profitability, or both, we help you identify and implement the right selling methodologies for optimum results in every area.

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Hiring Sales Winners

Is your sales team a constant stream of new trainees who just don't seem to work out? Wouldn't it be great if you could hire the right person for the job every time? InnerActive Consulting Group has developed a process that will help you achieve that goal. We begin by benchmarking the job itself, identifying the behaviors, attitudes, and attributes that will lead to success in that position. Your job candidates then take our on-line assessments (with no staff time required on your end). The resulting report not only helps you align the right person with each position, it also provides valuable insight into managing each person for maximum potential.

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Sales Performance Evaluation

Are your sales people properly aligned with the products, markets, and channels to which they are assigned? How will your sales team perform when your company introduces a new product, enters a new market, or develops new sales channels? We evaluate your sales team, then provide insight for improving your sales processes, including training methodology, both for individuals and the team as a whole.

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National Accounts Team Development

Sales may be a "numbers game" when it comes to consumer goods, but when you're selling to national accounts, those numbers are limited, and relationships must be developed and maintained over time. If your National Accounts team is using the wrong approach, you put your company's long-term growth at risk. We provide sound tactics and strategies for your key account management, matching methodologies and people to your specific markets and sales channels. We also help you fine-tune your salespeople so they can differentiate themselves in a highly competitive and increasingly fragmented market.

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Sales Process Development

Are your sales processes well thought-out and properly executed, or is your sales team just winging it? We identify and quantify your sales processes, then evaluate them in conjunction with your customers' needs. (For example, we match your selling processes to your customers' buying cycles.) Through strategic sales planning, we help you established ongoing processes that will ensure consistent high performance.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Is your company like a Dilbert comic strip, where the marketing and sales departments speak different languages and sabotage each others' efforts? In successful companies, sales and marketing are aligned in a unified front. Sales people understand the concepts of marketing, positioning, and product development, while the marketing staff understands the sales process. We help your marketing and sales departments break out of their respective silos and work together in a coordinated manner.

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Sales Leadership Development

Good sales leadership is the essential ingredient for creating a high-performing sales culture. Your sales management can impact the results of your sales team (positively or negatively) faster than any other single factor. Most sales managers are promoted from within the sales team, but few are given the proper training on making the difficult transition from sales to management. We offer a proven program for taking sales managers and VPs to the next level.

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