Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

An organization is only as successful as its people, and people's potential can be hampered by anything from low self-esteem to high-stress work environments. As always, we begin with proven assessment tools that take the guesswork out of identifying each employee's performance challenges. The resulting report not only helps you align the right person with each position, it also provides valuable insight into managing each person for maximum potential.

Self-understanding is the starting point for personal leadership

Individual assessments are used to help people better understand themselves and others. As a result, individual potential is tapped at higher levels, resulting in increased productivity and effectiveness. Concurrently, personal relationships are stronger and more compatible, creating more effective teams and organizations. Specific individual assessments used most frequently include the following:

      Success Insights Behavioral Assessment

      Success Insights Motivator Assessment

      The Personal Capability Inventory Assessment

      Sales Strategy Index (SSI)

Success Insights™ Behavioral Assessment

The Success Insights Behavioral Assessment analyzes behavioral style, which is a person’s manner of doing things. This assessment identifies one’s natural behavioral tendencies in the following areas:

      How one handles problems and challenges

      How one interacts with other people

      How one manages change and pace of the work environment

      How one responds to rules and procedures set by others

The Success Insights Behavioral report provides the knowledge needed to consciously adapt your behavior as situations require. Using our Success Insights™ Wheel, helps individuals learn how to become more effective communicators in team environments, how to work better with peers, customers and others. Managers use this information to improve the working relationships in existing teams and in creating more effective project teams.

The complete Success Insights Behavioral report produces a comprehensive, personalized report with information unique to the respondent’s behavior in the following areas:

      General Characteristics

      Value to the Organization

      Checklist for Communicating

      Don’ts on Communicating

      Communication Tips (for use with others)

      Ideal Environment (behavioral fit)

      Perceptions (Self and Others)


      Natural and Adapted Style (comparison)

      Adapted Style (Details)

      Keys to Motivating

      Keys to Managing

      Areas for Improvement

      Action Plan

      Behavioral Hierarchy

      Style Insights Graph

      Success Insights Wheel

The Success Insights Behavioral Assessment is a valuable contribution to any organization and can be used for the following applications:

      New Employee Orientation

      Employee Development and Performance Plans

      Retention Strategies for Key Employees

      Coaching and Mentoring Top Talent

      Conflict Resolution

      Improved Communications and Change Management

The Success Insights Behavioral Report can be tailored to the characteristics needed for specific job classifications such as Executives, Employee/Managers and Sales People. They can be functional specific such as Customer Service, Sales, Teams as well as totally focused on Time Management Factors.

sample pages of Success Insights Behavioral Assessment in PDF format

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Success Insights™ Motivator Assessment

The Success Insights Motivator Assessment assists in understanding the WHY behind an individual’s behavior. By measuring the relative prominence of six basic motivators, one can better understand the hidden motivating factors behind behaviors and can build on those strengths in the work environment. In addition to improving interactions between people, managers have found this tool as an effective predictor of success in such areas as customer service, selling and management.

This assessment measures the following 6 motivators:

      Theoretical – a passion to discover, systematize and analyze; a search for knowledge.

      Utilitarian – a passion to gain return on investment of time, resources and money.

      Aesthetic – a passion to achieve self-actualization, balance and harmony in one’s own life.

      Social – a passion to eliminate hate and conflict in the world and to assist others

      Individualistic – a passion to achieve position and to use that position to influence others

      Traditional – a passion to pursue the higher meaning in life through a defined system for living.

The knowledge you gain from the Success Insights™ Motivator report will help you take control of your decisions, your life’s direction and your appreciation of others. You will:

      Know the WHY of your automatic reactions

      Make career choices that are more inline with your underlying positions

      Understand the causes of conflict in your life

      Develop an increased appreciation for each of the six motivators

      Gain flexibility of being able to see life from different viewpoints

      Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life

sample pages of Success Insights Motivator Assessment in PDF format

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The Personal Capability Inventory™ Assessment

The Personal Capability Inventory assessment will access an individual’s cognitive structure (i.e. how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them). The Attribute Index report is a ranking of 23 PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES describing individual potential for workplace performance. The format and output of the Attribute Index report is specifically designed to be used to meet the needs of business managers and executives today.

When the Personal Capability Inventory Report is combined with the Success Insights Behavioral report and the Success Insights Motivator report, you will see a COMPLETE picture of an individual’s talent [the HOW (Behavioral), WHY (Motivators), and WHAT (Attribute Index) of an individual].

The Personal Capability Inventory report can contribute successfully to a number of business processes including:

      Employee Selection

      Employee Development

      Coaching and Mentoring

      Performance Appraisals

sample pages of Personal Capability Inventory Assessment in PDF format

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Sales Strategy Index™ (SSI)

Identifying a sales person’s knowledge of the sales process is key in ensuring long-term success and ongoing sales skills development. The Sales Strategy Index™ report measures: CAN they sell, do they understand the sales process, and are they treating each sales situation the way top sales performers do?

The assessment looks at seven areas of the sales process:


      First Impressions





      General sales process knowledge

In a hiring decision, the recognition of an individual’s ability to ‘launch’ rapidly in the position is identified. Ongoing sales skills development can be tailored to the different needs of each sales person.

Applications include:

      Targeted Training

      Performance Improvement

      Stress Reduction

      Focused Coaching by Sales Manager

sample pages of Sales Strategy Index Assessment in PDF format

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