Organizational Survey

The Organizational Survey provides management with a process for assessing the organization’s operations, policies and practices to assure they are providing the leadership, work environment, management practices and incentives to attract and retain top-notch employees.

Frequent organizational surveys, customized to gather the right information, help keep organizations and policies on target for attracting, developing and retaining top talent.

The Benefits
The Organizational Survey will help you:

      Identify barriers to individual and management effectiveness

      Provide senior management with an understanding of the views, opinions and perceptions of employees throughout the organization

      Provide individual managers with an indication of how well they are managing their section of the business

      Leverage the change process

      Focus limited resources on the biggest barriers to success

      Determine the organization’s ability to meet established goals

Analysis and Feedback

Recommended for use within any organization, this process is Internet based and shows results on conditions within the organization. Individual reports can be generated for sub-groups based upon various demographic factors – such departments, branches, divisions, men-women, age or tenure of service, managers to non-managers, etc.

When this data is presented, participants have a greater understanding of the areas in which they need to begin focusing their efforts. In addition to providing diagnostic information, the analysis can be used as a measure of change by surveying the organization before and after implementation of new processes, management development, or reorganizations.

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