Job Benchmarking

For years, companies have been assessing the skills and behaviors of employees and job candidates to find out whether they're qualified for specific positions. Trouble is, many companies have never really identified the skills and behaviors necessary for success in these positions! InnerActive Consulting Group completes the picture by working with you to quantify the performance goals of each job position, along with the characteristics that will lead to success. Our proven assessment reports then give you a true picture of each person's potential in a given position.

Key Accountabilities

The Job Benchmarking System begins with a list of “key accountabilities” defined for each targeted job. Key accountabilities are the critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for producing. The key accountabilities are defined by a stakeholder group of up to 10 people comprised of top performers in the specific job, people who manage the position, and a member of the executive management team.

When key accountabilities are defined, they serve as a reference point in producing the TriMetrix™ Job Report which each stakeholder completes by accessing the on-line survey system.

The TriMetrix™ Job Report

The title "TriMetrix" provides insight into the process by which the system evaluates a job across three separate indices with 37 total factors. These are:

   1. Attributes that a job requires for successful performance.
      (23 factors measured),

   2. Values that a specific job rewards.
      (6 factors measured)

   3. Behavioral traits that a job demands.
      (8 factors measured)

Put another way, this system provides answers to the following questions:

      What personal talents does this job require?

      What does this job reinforce or reward?

      What behaviors are necessary for success in this job?

sample pages from TriMetrix Job Report in PDF format

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