Cultural / Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees create a critical link in the success of any company. By actively taking the pulse of the employee population, the organization’s management and leaders can proactively address malfunctions before expensive turnover, absenteeism, and crashed morale take over. Once you capture direct information about the specific issues impacting the employees, then plans and actions can be initiated to alleviate the issues.

Using proven assessment tools, we help you identify and address the real or perceived issues that are hampering your company’s overall performance.

The assessment survey questions are customized to discover feedback in specific areas that you want to address. By initially forming a cross-functional committee that provides input into the critical focus areas, you provide the employees with early buy-in that ensures valid survey feedback.

This type of survey may include:

      Internal communication

      Job challenges

      Management relationships

      Career Development

      Optional open comment area

The survey is then accessed and processed via the Internet resulting in less administrative processing, ease of access by employees and ensuring anonymity with the feedback.

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