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For more than two decades now, InnerActive Consulting Group has provided consulting and development services that get targeted results in a dynamic and changing business environment. Our core focus is always on the people - developing their skills, abilities, confidence, and performance - because organizations succeed only when the people involved are engaged and focused on getting results.

Having assisted companies of all sizes from coast to coast, we know what works --and what doesn't work--in everything from executive coaching to selection and retention to transitioning sales teams from transactional to major account selling. Through this experience, we have developed proven processes for identifying and eliminating barriers to high performance.

We've also learned that every company and every situation is different. That's why we begin with a thorough analysis of your current situation, using some of the best assessment tools available. We then craft a customized plan for addressing the specific challenges facing you and your company.

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Philosophy and Belief Statement:

We're looking for companies and people who believe PEOPLE MAKE a DIFFERENCE. Developing individual performance increases productivity of teams and entire organizations.

We believe in the Information Age, that workers are knowledge workers. Therefore, when knowledge is expanded AND focused - manageable change will occur. Change is necessary for improvement - your improvement, your department, your team, your division, or your organization.

We believe that growth is a positive engine for change and success. We focus on growth, both personal and organizationally. We believe strongly that when you place the right people in the right job, you receive five advantages.

  1. Higher energy for higher performance
  2. Longer term employment & less turnover
  3. Higher productivity
  4. Greater employee satisfaction
  5. Positive organizational culture

These advantages lead to greater sales and profits, higher productivity due to engaged & motivated employees, and effective communication leading to greater results. We believe in process solutions with a sense of urgency. Events with little to no follow-up or reinforcement, limits success and is usually a waste of your resources. Process encourages the understanding of "how-to" do important tasks. A sense of urgency leads to launching activities that get results.

Finally, we believe strongly about Personal Accountability - the ability to achieve outcomes and results on a consistent rather than random basis (Refer to the article in the Knowledge Center "We ask for Performance, so why do we get something else?"

In Conclusion:

Check us out and get in contact. We have experience, wisdom of application, the "how-to" and the proven processes to get you to the next level. You will get results, success, promoted, praise and respect for choosing InnerActive Consulting Group.

We will continue to take pride in what our clients accomplish.

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