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Getting People to the Next Level of Success

Getting YOU to the next level of performance, success and achievement continues to be our focus. Over twenty years of service to people like yourself - you get the results you want. It's truly about what you want and our job is to get you there faster and quicker than you could on your own. We focus upon developing the potential within each person. 

As an OD Consulting Group, our job is to use our knowledge and experience applying solutions to people issues and organizational issues or problems. Our experience with different functional areas is an advantage for you. We understand how things should work and help you improve if necessary. If you're doing things right - we tell you. If it involves things that we don't do - we help find the right match for you. 

There are five areas that we offer our expertise to get you to the next level. These five areas include:

1.Developing B2B Sales performance

If increasing sales and revenue - not to mention - profits is important to you, then the B2B sales development experiences we have - from actually selling to business to developing national account sales teams - we know what works and doesn't work. No ivory towers or theoretical concepts - just practical applications to increase sales success.     details and process solutions

2. Using Assessments

Unlocking the secrets that make people tick. We can tell you how, why, can and will you perform. What your natural strengths and weaknesses are AND HOW IT IMPACTS YOUR PERFORMANCE.

Do you want to know if your team is functional or dysfunctional? And how to fix the issues?

Are you sure that you have the right people for the right job - a match? Or a Mismatch?

Do you need objective data and information on yourself or your people? Concerned about the generational differences - we're not!

Uncover how the opinions of people impact the performance of the organization - and target the necessary corrections for increasing productivity and results.     details and process solutions

3. Organizational Development (OD) and improvement

Providing a catalyst of processes and systems for Organizational Development (OD) and improvement.

Do you need answers to questions about the best methods to hire high performers and keep them around?

How about knowing if you have an A , B, or C team or what are the natural strengths and weaknesses of a team?

Do you understand how to set up selection system?

A performance review process?

A clear career path for the people in your company - knowing what areas they need to improve to get promoted?

Is communication an issue - or better - do you have effective communication within teams, groups and departments where your results is fast and correct?
details and process solutions

4. People Development

Personal Development practices giving you a competitive advantage or a "lifestyle" you desire. Our experience tells us that people come to us for one of two reasons - to improve their performance on the job or to improve the quality of their life. Using simple and proven processes, our clients have found success in both areas. Processes and systems are great - but useless if the people are not focused, energized, confident and internally motivated to achieve success. Therefore, we have focused in this area for two decades - getting people - like you - to the next level.     details and process solutions

5. Looking for Speakers?

Need someone at your next sales meeting, regional meetings, conference or convention? Then you have found a source for presentations that increase knowledge, understanding and that internal motivation necessary to drive home the goals and objectives you want met.     topics available

The Main Reason You Will Hire Us.....

As process consultants, we listen to you. If you tell us there is a problem or issue, we verify the degree of pain and make certain that the real source is identified. Then we offer a tailored solution - one that works not a "one size fits all" or magic silver bullet approach. Those techniques do not work.  And we value both our integrity and your results.

A Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company recently remarked to his team:

"The reason we use Voss and Robin Graham at InnerActive Consulting Group is two fold. One, they are large enough to be on the cutting edge on growing productivity and high performance. And two, they are small enough to be focused upon us and giving us the results we want."

That statement sums up what InnerActive Consulting Group is all about.

25th Anniversary of InnerActive Consulting Group

27 Years of Getting People to their Next Level


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