Robin L. Graham


Certified Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K® Workshop Instructor

Since 1994, Robin has been facilitating personal growth with PSYCH-K® processes and helping people discover how to break through old filters of limitation to experience greater confidence and success - both personally and professionally. Selected in 1997 to be in the first Basic Workshop Instructor Certification. Selected in 2003 to be in the first Advanced Workshop Instructor Certification. Designated in 2008 as the Certifying Instructor for Advanced Workshop Instructors. Offering private sessions, workshops and presentations. more

"Robin has an exceptional skill and talent in working with PSYCH-K®. Anyone in her workshops will experience a very talented leader. And to work with Robin on a personal, one-on-one level is a true gift to yourself."
Barbara M., Austin, TX

"Stunned that apparently simple techniques can create such subtle yet astounding changes in my thoughts." Terri B., Memphis, TN

Tired of wishing things could be different?
Worn out from mental gymnastics of willpower?
Bought and read the books, attended the lectures
and still looking for the results?

Current brain research has documented that repetition of action and thoughts form and change the complex circuitry of the brain - this is known as neuroplasticity.

"The power of attention not only allows us to choose what mental direction we will take. It also allows us, by actively focusing attention on one rivulet in the stream of consciousness, to change � in scientifically demonstrable ways � the systematic functioning of our own neural circuitry...One's choice of what aspect of experience to focus on is an expression of the active part of mental life." The Mind and The Brain by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D.

Bring the power of focused attention to work for you to activate more than just conscious attention...

Discover the power to make lasting change...

by involving and partnering with your subconscious, the storehouse of your beliefs and precursor for your conscious thoughts, you can identify and rewrite old scripts and programs that are running (ruining) your life. You choose what to improve!

PSYCH-K® is a user-friendly way of changing self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs into self-supporting ones.

Effective Techniques with proven success to:

Take charge of your life
Claim the self-esteem you deserve
Turn your wisdom into a habit instead of an effort
Increase your personal and professional effectiveness

Results People have Experienced with PSYCH-K®:

  • Able to resolve health issue easily
  • Life long claustrophobia resolved in 10 minutes
  • Happier and more relaxed so that family and friends recognize change
  • 9 year old shifted from struggling to having confidence in school and athletics
  • Sold more in one week than anytime prior
  • Successfully blended with other healing modalities
  • Eased grief over parent's death
  • Found perfect job
  • Successfully reached goal of a more fulfilling relationship

PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

These two days are highly experiential and interactive. We will review a concept, demonstrate a process, participants partner to experience the process and then we discuss and review, including:

Unique muscle testing
Safe & permission based models
Right/Left Brain Integration
Conscious & Subconscious Alignment
Partnership honoring your inner wisdom
Learn how to clarify & write your own personal beliefs to create your desired success
PLUS receive 175 focused statements to rewrite beliefs in seven areas of your life.

You will experience this process personally during the two days and will take away tools to help friends, family or in one-to-one counseling sessions.

For a description, current workshop schedule and registration contact, see PSYCH-K website for details

To register online, go to our online store at InnerActive Store

Advanced PSYCH-K® Integration workshop

Are you ready to rewrite core foundational beliefs that hold you back from achieving your dreams?

Would you like to learn how to establish instant rapport with anyone you meet or work with?

Is there a relationship in your life that could benefit from a higher level alignment?

Since the trauma of birth and the fear of death create limits in our lives, are you ready to bring healing to these two aspects of your life?

If you said yes to any of these, make plans to attend the
Advanced PSYCH-K® Integration workshop. (Basic workshop is a pre-requisite)

Learn how to accomplish each of the above and more!
You will receive transformational experiences as well as the techniques to work with other people.

For a description, current workshop schedule and registration contact, see PSYCH-K website for details

To register online, go to our online store at InnerActive Store

"Our beliefs establish the range of what we can achieve!"

Are you ready to achieve more than you currently believe?

Contact Robin to begin your journey.
Call (901) 757-4434 or (800) 452-4036 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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